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Tools, Tech and Peace of Mind: What Grads Need to Succeed

Download infographic as PDF GRADUATION IS A TIME OF HUGE LIFE CHANGES Students who are anxious about getting ready for college or the real world don’t need the stress of replacing products like computers, phones, appliances or even cars when they need them the most. New grads preparing for their new phase of their life can get protection from unexpected financial burdens with a protection plan. Protection plans can: Be purchased at the same time as the item Offset the cost of item repair or replacement Help prevent busted budgets There are lots of things grads need when moving into a dorm or their first apartment, and many will have the option of an added protection plan. Must-have items include: Small refrigerators Slow cookers Washing machines Microwave ovens PROTECT WHAT STUDENTS NEED TO SUCCEED Laptops Smartphones Tablets TVs For grads getting a new vehicle, its important to consider additional protections on things like key fobs, windshields and tires. Theres also protection to afford peace of mind to grads that they won’t be responsible for their remaining loan balance if their financed car is totaled or stolen. BUDGETS ARE GETTING TIGHTER AND TIGHTER When the choice is to prioritize repairing or replacing a major purchase or paying their bills, recent grads are often left having to make the best call – or accrue credit card debt. Having protection plans on purchases can go a long way in keeping grads financially secure. For more information, visit © 2024 TRANSITIONING TO A NEW PHASE OF LIFE CAN BE PRICEY WHAT GRADS NEED TO SUCCEED Tools, Tech and Peace of Mind: Being able to repair or replace key pieces of technology and electronics when they break is a heavy weight off a young persons shoulders. Consider service contracts for things like:
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