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Welcome to the Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association

The Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association (MVPPA) is the trade association for providers, sellers, and underwriters of motor vehicle protection products, including tire and wheel protection, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, appearance care, key replacement, and vehicle protection products. The Association represents the industry to the public and government officials to support the fairly regulated and ethical sale of protection products. As part of its mission, MVPPA lobbies for the regulation of motor vehicle protection products in a manner that provides security and peace of mind to consumers and a level playing field for providers.



Members of MVPPA receive access to an online database of legislation, statutes, and rules regulating the sale of protection products, plus lobbying, legislative tracking, government advocacy, and other valuable services. Learn more about the benefits of membership in MVPPA.



Motor vehicle protection products provide consumers with certainty and peace of mind about the condition and maintenance of their automobile purchase. Buying a car is one of the largest and most important purchases that most people make, and protection products protect that purchase to ensure that drivers can enjoy their vehicle for many years.


Member Companies

MVPPA members are at the forefront of the industry. Member companies offer innovative and desirable protection products to consumers, provide state of the art protection product administration services to dealerships, and ensure that protection products have high quality financial backing to guarantee customer claims.

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