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5 Vehicle Coverages You Didn’t Know You Needed

After you purchase a new or used vehicle, it’s time to think about protection for the future. Voluntary protection products help protect your vehicle from the ordinary damages that a vehicle faces on the road that your auto insurer may not cover. These plans can be valuable for any car owner and can typically be obtained at the car dealership during your vehicle purchase. Here are a few motor vehicle protection coverages and products you may not have known about to consider:

1. Windshield Repair or Replacement Coverage

A windshield mishap can happen in an instant, costing you hundreds to repair — that is if you don’t have to replace it all together. Fortunately, there are plans that can take care of some or all of the costs if your car insurance doesn’t cover it. These plans can include glass-strengthening treatments and full replacement coverage, so you don’t have to stress.

2. Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Coverage

The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a damaged tire. A tire replacement, wheel realignment, or cosmetic repair are just a few of the damages that may be covered with little to no deductible cost from a road hazard coverage product. Some tire and wheel coverage plans even include roadside assistance, towing services, or rental options. A number of these plans are provided by members of the Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association.

 3. Vehicle Key and Key-Fob Replacement

Have you ever misplaced the keys to your car? You’re not alone — car keys are among the most commonly lost household items. Vehicle key and key-fob replacement contracts can save you a buck when you are down on your luck (after losing your keys). Coverage varies based on plan and provider but can include additional benefits like 24/7 lock-out assistance and transportation reimbursement.

4. Appearance Care Protection

You can be the perfect driver, but paint fade and other scuffs and scratches are inevitable. In the case of one of these blemishes, appearance care coverage can help take care of the costs of repair. Based on your chosen coverage plan, benefits can include paintless dent repair, interior surface repair, and more to maintain your car’s value once you decide to sell it. These plans can also provide protection products to keep your fabric, leather, vinyl, and carpet the way it looked when you first drove your car off the lot.

5. Theft Protection Products

Protecting your car from thieves takes more than just locking it. To attain the ultimate peace of mind for your vehicle, consider theft protection products that can keep your car secure. Common products include theft prevention systems that can be permanently installed and window etching that inscribes a distinguishable ID to easily connect back to the original owner (in case of theft). Theft protection products, offered by MVPPA members, can cover these systems and may include additional benefits such as car rental services and towing reimbursement.

The Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association (MVPPA) is the trade association for providers, sellers, and underwriters of motor vehicle protection products.

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