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Protect Your Vehicle from Potential Halloween Scares

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With fall in full swing, families are starting their Halloween planning. Everyone remembers to stock up on candy and fun costumes for the kids, but it can be easy to overlook protecting your cars from all things spooky. Aside from the ghosts and ghouls who could cause trouble in your neighborhood, thieves and vandals can turn any Halloween into a horror show.

The Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance and Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association want consumers to know about the helpful options that are there to protect their vehicles from those unexpected obstacles life can throw your way. One option is to consider vehicle protection products. These products may include theft protection products like window etching, ignition lock-out, or satellite tracking systems.  Other products, like paintless dent, repair can quickly and easily repair minor dings.

If your night takes a turn for the worse because your car is totaled or stolen, you might be left struggling to wake up from the financial nightmare. A standard auto insurance policy often provides only enough protection to cover the actual cash value of a vehicle that is damaged or stolen. If the car’s actual cash value is less than the amount owed on the loan or lease, that “gap” is often not covered by insurance. So, if your car is cursed this Halloween, you would still be responsible for paying the amount remaining on the finance agreement. With a GAP waiver, the lender would waive payment of some or all of that remaining balance and turn an evening of tricks into a night of treats!

With all the different options available to consumers, there’s no reason to let your car go unprotected. Don’t let Halloween mischief get in the way of a safe and fun season for you and your family!

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